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Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, by Alex Toth. Image source:

Public Digital Archives on Mary Shelley and Her CircleEdit

Frankenstein Resources Edit

  • Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog - A prolific blog that tracks the novel's influence and all things related within the arts, media, and pop culture. Contains many short movie descriptions and personal reviews.
  • Frankenstein Forever - The companion Tumblr blog to Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog. Contains movie posters, Halloween photos, playbills, and everything in between.

Romanticism ResourcesEdit

  • Romantic Circles - A refereed scholarly website devoted to Romantic-period literature and culture. Contains audio clips of Romantic poetry readings, lists of scholarly resources, and teaching pedagogies.
  • Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net (RAVON) - An international, open-access online journal devoted to British nineteenth-century literature. Currently, the journal is published twice a year.

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