Dear Dr. Szwydky and fellow contributors,

My name is Jacob Campbell and I've served as the technical editorial assistant for this wiki for Spring 2015. This blog post will serve as a short explanation of the work I've been doing on the wiki for my final project, as not all will be easy to see from other users' perspectives. Writing this post will also count as completing a task, which will bring the admin task list on the wiki to 100% complete!

The bulk of my project has been attempting to reorganize the categories system, which is extremely useful and powerful, but the state of our wiki's categories was such that I soon discovered that a complete overhaul of the categories that were previously in place was going to be necessary. Wikia does not allow users (even admins) to delete categories themeselves, so I had to find all the pages for each category and untag them. I then created a new system of categories and added about 90% of the pages on the wiki to one or more of these categories. The other 10% didn't require categories, as they were pages such as the main page, etc. The next step in managing the category system was the creation of category pages, so users can easily see other members of a category when one has been selected. These pages had to be created and appropriately linked before I could use them. I created around 7 category pages for Film & Television, Books, Scholarship, etc.

Another large element of this project has been general wiki cleanup, from the back end. I have deleted several pages that were broken, empty, or otherwise unusable. Many of these pages were redirects automatically created when pages were renamed. I deleted the old pages, moving information from old pages to their new counterparts when necessary. I edited the HTML code on several pages where it was broken, causing weird formatting issues that can't be fixed with Wikia's visual editor alone. Most of the time this seems to happen when contributors copy and paste text from a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Pages.

I also added a slider to the front page, which will slide through pictures that link to various wiki pages. The pictures and the pages to which they link can be easily edited with the classic editor on the front page. I added a new theme that isn't quite so busy and looks a little more academic. This too can be easily changed with the Theme Designer. Finally, I edited the general wiki navigation to be a little bit more user friendly. No changes I've made are set in stone, I've just been trying to establish a foundation on which a great wiki can continue to be built in the future.

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to email me at


Jacob Campbell

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